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Guido Avogadro

Creativity enhancement and existential thoughts as the main characters

So we wanted to get out of the heat and noise of such a big city like Rio de Janeiro and get a bit of calm. It was great but there was a need for a greener place with mountains ⛰️😁…

And the worst of all wifi connection, while taking some rest 🏖️

“So you are on a long vacation, right?” People watching my Instagram posts. Well…no. But I decided I needed a break and get focused both on enjoying my stay in a new, wonderful city while continuing my role as a mentor and my slow pursuit of a job/project that fits…

Establishing new routines, taking some breaks, and taking the juice out of life after work.

We wanted to live close to some mountains but not so far from the beach. Wifi would be quite important as we were gonna stay longer than on a vacation trip. Spending our time on…

And why I advocate for this label. My journey from the office to wherever there’s wifi.

Well…at least, this is the label that more accurately describes my current situation right now. Let the dictionary work:

Digital 👨‍💻

Electronic technology that generates, stores, and processes data

Nomad ✈️

A person who does not stay long…

Guido Avogadro

Senior Product Designer 👨‍💻 ‣ Digital Nomad 🌎

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